A Multidisciplinary Dance Theatre Performance

Poroporo is a full evening dance theatre performance that combines contemporary dance, media and animation art as well as live-electronic music. The central themes of the performance are individuality and alienation. It's the third performance by the same artistic group. The earlier two have been performed more than 30 times in nine countries around the world, including at World Stage Design Festival in Wales, Stockholm Fringe Festival in Sweden and at Modafe in South Korea.

Name: Poroporo
Duration: 1 hour
Premier: 21st of February 2015, Kajaani, Finland.
Other Performances: Gent, Belgium - Oulu, Finland - Pyhäjärvi, Finland

Direction, Choreography, Performance: Milla Virtanen
Media and Animation Art: Leevi Lehtinen
Composing, Sound Design, Performance: Anssi Laiho
Light Design, Promo Photos: Jari Haavikko
Funding: The North Ostrobothnia Regional Fund, Nordic Culture Point, Jenny & Antti Wihuri Foundation, Dansarena Nord.

I don't belong to the nature, or to the city. I'm a reindeer, half wild domesticated animal. Superhero and anti-hero. I'm tears falling into ash. I'm nonsense and heroism in a constellation. I'm a lonely tourist.

Photo: Leevi Lehtinen

Photo: Jari Haavikko

Photo: Jari Haavikko