Volonté - interdisciplinary collage

Volonté is a multidisciplinary portrayal of a will and urge. It's alike surrealistic still life, with physical flesh, past and present.

Volonté presents a collage for the audience to sink in. The rambling world can be wondered, questioned, hated and loved. Volonté is an absurd painting.

Volonté attaches together physical theatre, dance as well as visual, sound, light and media art.

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes.

Concept & direction: Milla Virtanen, choreography: Milla Virtanen in collaboration with the performers Katja Koukkula, Pirjo Yli-Maunula, Jussi Väänänen, Jaakko Toivonen & Antti Kyllönen. Sound design: Anssi Laiho, Light design: Jari Haavikko, Media art: Leevi Lehtinen, Production: Leevi Lehtinen and Milla Virtanen.

On tour: five performers, four technicians and a director. Set-up: full day a day before 1st performance. Set & props: must be shipped and/or purchased locally. Full set packed for shipping is about three cubic meters.

1 min trailer of 80 minute performance.

Photo: Leevi Lehtinen

Photo: Jari Haavikko

Photo: Leevi Lehtinen