Poroporo - Dance Theatre Performance

I don't belong to the nature, or to the city. I'm a reindeer, half wild domesticated animal. Superhero and anti-hero. I'm tears falling into ash. I'm nonsense and heroism in a constellation. I'm a lonely tourist.

Poroporo is a full evening dance theatre performance that combines contemporary dance, media and animation art as well as live-electronic music. The central themes of the performance are individuality and alienation.

Dancer Milla Virtanen is pictured as a mythical superhero as well as a strange outsider. The dualism represents the two mental sides in all of us. We are rarely only one person. There are both darkness and light in our minds.

Duration: 55 minutes.

Concept, choreography, dance: Milla Virtanen, Sound design, composing & performance: Anssi Laiho, Media art: Leevi Lehtinen, Light design: Jari Haavikko, Production: Leevi Lehtinen & Milla Virtanen.

On tour: two performers and one techician. Set-up: six hours. Set & props fit into three suitcases.

Poroporo (teaser)

Photo: Jari Haavikko

Photo: Jari Haavikko

Photo: Jari Haavikko