Blackpool - Dance Theatre Performance
Milla Virtanen & Jaakko Toivonen

Dance performance 'Blackpool' takes the audience on a journey to the tough world of competitive ballroom dancing and reveals the rugged everyday life to be found behind the glamour.

The performance smells like self-tanning lotion and rasps like a suede sole shoe brush. Old wounds that have already healed are reopened, poked fun at and shared, uncensored, with the audience.

Choreographers Milla Virtanen and Jaakko Toivonen are both former Finnish national ballroom dance champions and experiences from their ballroom dance youth and the Blackpool Dance Festival serve as inspiration for the work.

Duration 55 minutes.

Dance, choreography and concept: Milla Virtanen & Jaakko Toivonen, Sound design: Jaakko Toivonen, Editing: Sanna Silvennoinen.

On tour: two performers and one technician. Set-up: about 5 hours. Set and props can fit into 3 suitcases.

1 min teaser

Photo: Leevi Lehtinen

Photo: Leevi Lehtinen