Leevi Lehtinen is an award winning Finnish media artist, animation film-maker and photographer. He has studied animation arts in Finland, in Slovakia, and in the Netherlands. His passion is to combine traditional animation art with other art disciplines, and to find new audiences and platforms for his work. Since 2004 he has worked as a free artist, freelance director of photography and an animator for short films and commercials.


- 2017 Production subsidy, Oulu Valistustalo foundation
- 2016 12 month subsidy, Finnish Cultural Foundation
- 2015 5 month subsidy, Arts Promotion Centre Finland
- 2015 Poduction subsidy, Art Promotion Centre Finland
- 2014-17 Studio subsidy, City of Oulu
- 2014 Production subsidy, Arts Promotion Centre Finland
- 2013 Production subsidy, Kone Foundation
- 2013 12 month subsidy, Finnish Cultural Foundation
- 2013 5 month subsidy, Arts Promotion Centre Finland
- 2013 Production subsidy, The Finnish Music Foundation
- 2013 Production subsidy, Arts Promotion Centre Finland
- 2012 Travel subsidy, the Finnish Film Foundation
- 2012 2 month subsidy, as part of Milla Virtanen collective
- 2011 5 month subsidy, Finnish Cultural Foundation
- 2011 2 month subsidy, Kone Foundation
- 2010 6 month subsidy, Finnish Cultural Foundation
- 2007-10 27 month subsidy, NIAF
- 2006 Production subsidy, Slovak Ministry of Culture


- 2014 1 month, Dansarena Nord, Hammerfest, Norway
- 2014 2 months, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Edinburgh, Scotland
- 2012 1 month, Schloss Bröllin, Germany
- 2011 2 months, Kone Foundation, Saari mansion, Finland
- 2010 6 months, Finnish Cultural Foundation Grez-sur-Loing, France
- 2007-2010 27 months, NIAF, Tilburg, The Netherlands


- 2010-2011 MA of Animation, AKV St.Joost, Breda, The Netherlands
- 2007-2010 Post-Academic Diploma, NIAF, The Netherlands
- 2003-06 BA of Animation, VŠMU, Slovakia
- 2002-03 Animation Art, Liminka Art School, Finland
- 1998 Photography, Keski-Pohjanmaa College, Finland

Relevant Work History

- 2016-> Regional Artist, Arts Promotion Centre Finland
- 2004-> Free artist, Freelance animation artist
- 2001-2004 18 months Photo-lab Manager, TB-Company Ltd., London
- 2002 3 months Photographer, Kansan Tahto, Finland
- 2000 6 months Photographer, Image Photo Services, British West Indies
- 1998-1999 10 months Newspaper Photographer, Ruotuväki-lehti, Finland
- 1998-2003 Part time Freelance Photographer
- 1997 5 months Photographer, Oulu University Newspaper, Finland

Prizes etc.

- 2015 installation purchased by the The Finnish State Art Commission
- 2012 Best puppet film, NAFF, Bosnia & Herzegovina
- 2011 Honorary award at Animatricks festival, Finland
- 2011 Honorary award at Se-Ma-For festival, Poland
- 2011 Prize at film festival Silencio, Portugal
- 2011 1st Prize at Animatiefestival Zwolle, Holland
- 2008 1st Prize at film festival, CINEAMA, Slovakia
- 2008 3rd Prize in Dance Photo of the Year competition, Finland
- 2007 1st Prize at Escuela de Cine del Uruguay


- 2017 Group exhibition, Mänttä Art Festival, Finland
- 2016 Group exhibition, Oulu Museum of Art, Finland
- 2015 Solo exhibition, Grassomania, Gdansk, Poland
- 2015 Installation at Art Fair Suomi, Helsinki, Finland
- 2015 Solo exhibition, Muu Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
- 2015 Installations at Supermarket Art Fair, Sweden
- 2015 Group exhibition, Kunstahal KAdE, The Netherlands
- 2014 Solo exhibition, Valve gallery, Oulu, Finland
- 2014 Solo exhibition, Gallerie Pleiku, Berlin, Germany
- 2014 Installations at Athens Art Fair, Greece
- 2011 Masters of the Universe, Group exhibition, Holland
- 2010 Group exhibition, Noordbrabant Museum, Holland
- 2003 Animations at Rovaniemi Art Museum, Finland
- 1998 Photo exhibition at Kokkola City Library, Finland


- Poesia Fantasia, 10-episode poem animation series, (2010->)
- (EGO), 10min puppet animation, 2011
- Eat My Pussy Blues R18+, 2 min Puppet CG animation, 2009
- HarmoniCa, 7 min puppet animation, 2007
- Purple, 30 sec pixilation, 2006
- Cave, 1 min pixilation/2D animation, 2005
- Harmonica Serenade, 7 min puppet animation, 2003
- Les Coups De Soleil, 3 min Flash/After Effects animation, 2002

Film Entries at Film Festivals

Since 2002 my films have been screened at more than 80 film festivals, in 36 countries, on 5 continents.

LIAF, UK. 10sec, South-Korea. Open Air Filmfest Weiterstadt , Germany. San Gio, Italy. Tofuzi, Georgia. Izmir Int. Short Film Festival, Turkey. Quedada stopmotia, Spain. 20min20min max, Germany. NAFF, Bosnia & Herzegovina. Saguenay Intl Short Film Fest, Canada. Cortoons, Italy. HAFF, Holland. Herning Short Film Festival, Denmark. Athens Animfest, Greece. Arkstisen Upeeta, Finland. Helsinki Short Film Festival, Finland. Montreal Stop Motion, Canada. Leids Film Festival, The Netherlands. Se-ma-for Film Festival, Poland. Golden Kuker, Bulgaria. Nederlands Film Festival, The Netherlands. Festival International du Court Métrage Lille, France. Anim'Est, Romania. St. Louis International Film Festival, USA. Belo Horizonte, Brazil. WorldKids International Film Festival, India. DokuFest, Kosovo. Mumia-Underground, Brazil. Screen for Shorts, Germany. Anibar, Kosovo. MIFA, Australia x2. Anima Mundi, Brazil. Zwolle Film Festival, The Netherlands x2. Minimalen, Norway. Animatricks, Finland x2. Short Screens, Belgium. Comptoir de la Folie Ordinaire, Annecy, France. Festival Cambalache, Argentina. Atlanta Philosophy Film Festival, USA. Faces Etnofestival, Finland. Cinefilia Tanguera –film tour, Italy, UK, Spain, Netherlands, Russia, Belgium, Germany. Fredrikstad Animation Festival, Norway. Istanbul Animation Festival, Turkey x2. Fest Anča, Slovakia x2. Fantastisk Film Festival, Sweden. Butff, Netherlands. KLIK!, Netherlands. AnimationVolda08, Norway. Matita, Italy. Hiroshima, Japan. Tampere Film Festival, Finland x3. ReAnimacja, Poland. Animafest, Czech. CINEAMA 2008, Slovakia. Písek film festival, Czech. Okanagan Film Festival, Canada. Balkanima, Serbia. Escuela de Cine del Uruguay, Uruguay. AČKO Film Festival, Slovakia. IIK Horror Movie Fest, Finland.